Automated Logic Building Controls [Stocked and Ready to Ship!]

Automated Logic Building Controls [Stocked and Ready to Ship!]

9th Jul 2022

New/Refurbished Building Controls - Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) - We stock a wide selection of new/surplus and refurbished building controls from Automated Logic. Including current SE-Line products, as well as older M-Line products and legacy products. We are a supply house for new and used products. 

Our goal is to keep you up and running. These products are in stock. We can ship FedEx Overnight if needed. 

Newer models we stock include: MEx016U, MEx48U, MEx816U, MEx88U, ME812U, LGR25, LGR250, LGR1000, RSPL, REP485, PROT485, FBR485, FBR485T, S6104, SE563, SE6104, SE6104a, SE6104sp, SE6166, ZN341v+, ZN551.

Older legacy models include: LGE, M880nx, MCPU, Portal-C, U341V+, U141V+, UASF, UNI/16, UNI/30, UNI/32, UNI/59, U551, M0100, M0320, M16160, M220nx, M4106, M4106nx, M8102, M8102nx, M880nx, MX0160, MX0160, MX0320, MX040, MX080, MX1600, MX16160, MX400, MX4106, MX440, MX800, MX8102, MX880, XCPU.