Understanding [Surplus Supply]

What is surplus?

Surplus - an amount of something left over when requirements have been met; an excess of production or supply over demand.

We acquire surplus products through general consignments, company reorganizing, obsolete stock, etc.

Surplus products are considered “gray market”. We do not represent the OEM and do not offer their warranty. However, we do offer our own warranties and guarantees. Typically, all of our sales include a 90-day no hassle return/exchange/refund warranty.



New (In Box)

These items are new, in their original packaging. Original packaging may have shelf wear. If this is an issue for you, please inspect pictures prior to purchasing.

New (Without Box)

These products are unused, but do not include the original packaging. This is frequently done when products arrive without packaging, or the packaging is too worn to add value to the product.


These products are used. When a used product comes into our facility, it is tested to the best of our abilities and listed for sale. All products include a satisfaction guarantee. Individual product listings will indicate warranty and guarantee terms.


These products have been services and rebuilt by third-party companies. When an item is listed as “refurbished”, it will generally include a 30-90 day warranty. See individual listings for warranty and guarantee terms.


Test Procedures   

When a product arrives at our shop, it is examined and/or tested to the best of our abilities. We then catalog and describe it to the best of our abilities.

Always understand the product you’re purchasing. Always examine product pictures to make sure you understand what you are receiving. Always read the description.



Products are tested and described to the best of our abilities. We generally include a 14-day warranty with all sales. See individual listings for warranty and guarantee information.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed. If there’s ever a problem to resolve, we’ll have you covered.


Green Initiative

We’re talking about money here. And the Earth.

B2E Surplus is dedicated to being socially and environmentally conscious. The products we buy and sell are being repurposed. We’re getting cash back into the hands of our end-user customers, by selling products at deeply discounted prices. We’re getting cash back into the hands of our consignors, by turning their idle inventory into cash.

And we’re keeping the environment cleaner and greener through the reuse, repurposing and recycling of surplus assets.