Shipping [& Returns]


Emergency! Machine Down!

We are nimble and can handle most orders within 30 minutes. Orders placed online before noon generally ship the same day. Most emergency orders can be handled up until 5PM (Arizona Time) and later.

Depending on the time, there may be a surcharge for last-minute express orders.


Options & Costs

Standard Shipping - Standard domestic shipping on most products is “FREE”. We will ship your order using the lowest-cost option. Delivery generally takes 2-7 days.

Express Shipping - Expedited and express shipping is available through FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Costs are given during checkout.

Freight - Pallet and truckload shipments often require special quotes.

Please check the product listing for further details.



We ship worldwide!

We generally utilize USPS for international shipments.

FedEx or other services can be used as needed.

If you are ordering a product weighing over 150 pounds, you will need to contact us for an international freight quote.



All products are sold with a satisfaction guarantee.

Returns are handled on a transaction-to-transaction basis.

Please contact us to arrange a return.


3rd Party Billing

We can ship on your FedEx and UPS account. Just send through your account info.

To ship 3rd party, FedEx and UPS both require your account number and billing postal code. Contact us with the info and we’ll get it done.


Blind Shipments

We over “blind shipments”. This allows us (as the shipper) to hide our identity from your client or customer.

To do this, please mention “ship blind” during checkout.